HiFi Bargains: Nagaoka MP-110 MM Cartridge

My O My, what 134 dollars can buy…

As some astute readers have noted, I’ve downsized. Gone are approximately 1500 records and 1300 books along with the hifi I owned, used, and loved during the second incarnation of TM (unbeknownst to some readers, there was a 1st incarnation). The thing about downsizing is it can feel good and bad — freeing coupled with a sense of loss. At least that’s the way it has worked for me each time I’ve downsized (unbeknownst to some readers, this wasn’t my first roto-rodeo).

My Nagaoka
When I went in search of a MM cartridge to screw onto my trusty Rega P3 (another HiFi Bargain) post roto-rodeo, my research led me to the Nagaoka MP-110. While I’m not ready to divulge my research methodology in toto, suffice it to say I read & look around until I find something that resonates.

I’ve been using the Nagaoka MP-110 / Rega P3 combo running right into my 1970s-era Sansui AU-555A integrated amplifier’s Phono input for the past about-a-year. This combo played my greatly-loved yet minuscule record collection (it’s really not even a collection, it’s more of a sample) wonderfully — or as Don Fanucci said in Godfather Part II, enough to wet my beak. I find the Nagaoka to be lively, energetic, and rather lush. Some of the things I want from any cartridge.

In preparation for the birth of TM Chapter 3, I’ve begun assembling a new system. Part of that system is the Parasound Zphono Phono Preamp (more on that soon) and I can say that the mighty yellow wonder that is the Nagaoka MP-110, floats like a butterfly, stings like a bee~Muhammad Ali,  has risen to the occasion, making itself right at home in my new and, shall we say, better system.

I want to buy more records (again) [footnote 1].

You can buy the Nagaoka MP-110 MM Cartridge for $134.93 on Amazon (as of today) and perhaps even less if you search around, making it one helluva HiFi Bargain.


-Superfine polished eliptical diamond bonded stylus
-Powerfull samarium cobalt magnet
-Lightweight aluminum alloy cantilever for high fidelity
-Carbon fibre reinforced plastic shoe
-Anti ferro magnetic permalloy shield casing

1. Let’s face it, I’m a collector. Records, books, oddities, and on and on. So yes, I’ve begun buying records (and books) again.