Twittering Machines History

Some of you may not know that the Twittering Machines you know is actually its second incarnation: TM launched in its original form in March of 2007. Here’s the very first post:

Not this stuff

That was it. Short and sweet. The idea, the impetus being for friends to share music (not that typical audiophile stuff). You can see from the Author’s List in the cover image who else joined in the fun.

The first album I shared was Mal Waldron’s The Quest. Here’s what I wrote:

A beautiful quiet album, The Quest from 1961 features Mal Waldron, Eric Dolphy on alto sax (and clarinet on Warm Canto), Booker Erwin on tenor sax , Ron Carter on cello, Joe Benjamin on bass and Charlie Persip on drums. From the first note to the last, these Waldron penned sonatas are rich, dense, melodic moody set pieces. At times I hear a touch of Satie and dissonance from Mal’s keys adding a sense of mystery and expanse to The Quest. Available on OJC for a song.

That was it, short and sweet.

Another favorite feature was called “Covers” and they are self-explanatory upon seeing…

The original TM lasted for years and included well over 1,500 posts, the majority being music recommendations mixed in among art and other interests. It was fun, free-form, and loose. My plan for TM v3 is to recover these qualities as we go forward.