Five Favorite Things: Stephen Mejias

Five favorite things (outside of hifi) from Stephen Mejias, AudioQuest Director of Communications:

1. The New York Mets

They win and lose in the most dramatic fashion. They fill me with eternal hope and inevitably break my eager heart. They’re so stupid. So flawed. They find the most creative ways to fail. Their ownership is a complete mess. But, when they win it all—and they will—it will mean so much more.

2. Levi Weaver of The Athletic

So now you know I’m obsessed with baseball. Levi Weaver, beat reporter and columnist for the Texas Rangers, is my current favorite baseball writer. In his column, The Weaver Wire, he writes about the Rangers, of course, but also writes about music, passion, and love. And he does so brilliantly. He’s brought me a lot of joy and somehow managed to turn a lifelong Mets fan into an ardent admirer of a team from Texas. He’s made it easier for me to be a Mets fan, in fact, which is saying a LOT.

3. Canco Lofts
This is where we live, in the Journal Square neighborhood of Jersey City. I fall in love with it a little more every day. I daydream about taking Veronica to jazz performances at nearby Mana Contemporary and sitting in the backyard at Square 1 Community Eatery and exploring the many colorful shops and restaurants of India Square (I hope she enjoys Indian food as much as I do! Sapthagiri, your flavors blow my mind.) and trips across the magnificent Pulaski Skyway which is right outside our living room window and walks to the park with its fountains and buffalo statues and cuchifritos from the Puerto Rican bodega and this is where your mommy and I got married (it used to be an Italian restaurant) and Sunday afternoons at the pool on St. Paul’s: City life with my girls.

4. Two print magazines and a book publisher: Jacobin, Poetry, and Riverhead

Jacobin is about democratic socialism and politics that make sense. Poetry is about life, duh. 😘 Riverhead consistently publishes my favorite books, remarkably gorgeous inside and out.

5. Effects pedals
If the 1970s was a golden age forhifi, today is a golden age for guitar effect pedals. Companies like Old Blood Noise Endeavors, EarthQuaker Devices, Mr. Black, Caroline Guitar Co., Catalinbread, Walrus Audio, Chase Bliss Audio, Montreal Assembly, Alexander Pedals, Dr. Scientist, and, gosh, so many others, are making (by hand, many right here in the United States) beautiful, powerful, inspiring little music machines. They are the coolest.