HiFi Bargains: The Tannoy Reveal 402 Active Monitors

Are you ever on the lookout for a hifi bargain? A real deal? A steal? From time to time just such beasts exist out there in the wild. You just have get a little adventurous and go on the hunt.

Today’s HiFi Bargain is the much-loved—by me when I reviewed them as Editor AudioStream in 2014—Tannoy Reveal 402 Active Monitors. Standing at a smallish 9.5″ tall, “They jive. They boogie, they rock and roll.” Offering analog XLR and 1/4″ TS input, just add a DAC and you’re done. If your DAC doesn’t have XLR outputs, just pick up a pair of RCA to XLR (Male) Analog Interconnect Cables for a few bucks.

I thought the Tannoy’s were a good deal at $280/each when I reviewed them but they can be had today, brand spankin’ new, for as low as $199.98/pair + free shipping. That, my friends, is a HiFi Bargain.




Frequency Response: 56 Hz -48 kHz
Max SPL: 101 dB

Membrane Sizes

HF: ¾” Soft Dome (19 mm)
LF/Mid Range: 4” (100 mm)

Bi-amp Output Power, RMS

Power Output: 50 Watts
LF/Mid Range: 25 Watts
HF: 25 Watts
THD: < 0.9 %

Input Types and Impedances

Balanced: XLR, 20 kOhm
Unbalanced: ¼” Jack, 10 kOhm
AUX Link: Mini Jack, 10 kOhm
AUX Link Output: Mini Jack

EQ Options

HF EQ Settings: -1.5 dB HF Cut / Neutral / +1.5 dB HF Boost
Crossover Frequency: 2.8 kHz
Low Frequency Alignment: Optimized Front Port

Cabinet Dimensions

HxWxD, inches: 9.5 x 5.8 x 8.4
HxWxD, mm: 240 x 147 x 212

Further Information