CAF 2022: MoFi Electronics SourcePoint 10 Loudspeakers

It seems everyone is talking about the new Andrew Jones-designed MoFi Electronics SourcePoint 10 Loudspeakers.

I was surprised by the size of the SourcePoint 10 ($3699/pair) but I shouldn’t have been seeing as it has a 10″ concentric driver with a 1.25-inch soft dome tweeter mounted dead center.

Taking charge of the SourcePoint 10s was the dial-icious HiFi Rose R180- Integrated Amplifier ($6995) with its 200 Watts of GaN (Gallium nitrate) FET power.

The HiFi Rose RS150B Wireless Network Streamer ($4995) took care of the bits streamed from Qobuz.

The rest of the bits and bobs included the IsoTek V5 Aquarius Power Conditioner ($2995) and Solidsteel HY-3L HY-3 Flat Black High-End Audio Rack ($2499)

Imagine if Andrew Jones designed a speaker that sounded kinda crappy. Now that would be News! Of course that’s not at all the case with the SourcePoint 10 and they energized this not so small room with muscled music power, sounding as if they’d have no problem handling an even bigger space. Like a Barn…