Axpona 2024 Favorite Rooms: Gryphon Audio Designs

It’s been some time, Axpona 2019, since I’ve had the pleasure of hearing a complete Gryphon system.

And I do mean complete as the Gryphon Audio Designs system for Axpona 2024 was all Gryphon, soup to PowerZone.

The Gryphon Ethos CD Digital Player sat atop a Gryphon StandArt Rack and I find the Ethos’ clean lines and overall design eye-appealing in a space craft kinda way.

The new Diablo 333 Integrated Amp drove the new EOS5 floorstanders and the sound from this all Gryphon system was super smooth, superbly nuanced, and just plain supremely lovely with no hint, nary a nit, of unnatural edge or edginess. I’d love a longer in Barn listen…The EOS5 offer 20-40,000 Hz range according to the company and they certainly delivered full range sound free from any discernible room-related issues without a single room acoustic product in sight. Nice.

What’s more, there was a test! of the A/B variety comparing this system’s sound with and without the new Gryphon PowerZone 3.10, which the company describes as “a revolution in Power Signal Optimization”. You can read all about the tech behind the PowerZone on Gryphon’e website so I’ll stick to sharing my test results: Damn thing works! The differences in and out were plain and obvious with the PowerZone offering sonic improvements that made the players on the test rack sound like better musicians.

System Details:

Gryphon EOS5 Floorstanding Loudspeakers: $52,800/pair
Gryphon Diablo 333: $24,900
Gryphon Ethos CD Digital Player: $39,800
Gryphon PowerZone 3.10: $14,000
Gryphon Rosso Speaker Cables: $8,800/2M
Rosso XLR Interconnects: $3,500/1M
Rosso Power Cords: $3,500/1M
Gryphon StandArt Rack