Album of the Week: S.G. Goodman | Teeth Marks

The title track from S.G. Goodman’s latest, Teeth Marks, has been playing in my head most mornings since my first listen, acting as the soundtrack to my waking ritual.

I love when that happens and I love Teeth Marks for all of its southern music charm. I’ve been a fan since Goodman’s 2020 debut, Old Time Feeling, and Teeth Marks feels like a more fully formed voice sharing observations of life’s darker sides. Goodman is from a smaller than small town in rural Kentucky and she lives nearby, so you might imagine coming out in this environment would be even harder than doing so in more ‘cultured’ people-dense places. My experience suggests that there’s no shortage of ignorant small-minded people hiding in plain site no matter where you go. Here’s a thought—kindness doesn’t cost a thing.

The music on Teeth Marks covers some ground including southern rock, barroom brawlers, simpler folk fare, and the simply stunning a capella “You Were Someone I Loved”. Goodman’s lyrics tell moving stories and the music has more hooks than a bait ‘n tackle shop (I hear a guitar riff reference to Jimi Hendrix’s “Third Stone From the Sun” on “Work Until You Die”—that makes me smile) making for a ravishing record. Take a bite.

You can buy Teeth Marks from S.G. Goodman.