Michael Fremer’s Tracking Angle: The Return

Anyone in the hifi hobby, especially those who have the good sense to enjoy spinning records, know Michael Fremer. More or less.

Michael is a celebrity in our niche of an industry, one of a very small few who have worked for decades building a successful brand, to put it in business speak terms. But we know that in hifi, its much more personal than that and I’ve been around Michael at hifi shows and witnessed the near-adoration some fans greet him with. “Can I take a selfie with you?”

To say that Fremer is one of the more important cogs in the analog ‘revival’ wheel is to state the obvious to anyone paying attention. If you were to time travel and remove him from the picture, turntables and vinyl the world over would start disappearing with a pop! like some H.G Wells nightmare. Or so I imagine…

So I am very happy to report that Fremer’s Tracking Angle will be back, coming soon this summer.

From the press release :

Wyckoff, NJ—June 16th, 2022—Veteran audio journalist and music writer/critic Michael Fremer will launch the website TrackingAngle.com, the new online home of the pioneering 90s era print magazine The Tracking Angle that will cover vinyl records and all things analog. The site is expected to go live in late Summer 2022. As this new venture begins, Fremer will move on from AnalogPlanet.com, the vinyl record-centric website he conceived and edited since its creation more than a decade ago.

“I am excited to create the most comprehensive online platform driven by my passion for analog playback,” said TrackingAngle founder Michael Fremer.“Our content will focus on affordable gear, with an emphasis on turntables, phono cartridges, and phono preamps, reviews of recorded music, interviews with musicians and audio industry experts, and so much more.”

Yes, he said affordable gear.

And to address the elephant in the room (from the same source):

Additionally, “Tracking Angle” was Fremer’s first audiophile music review column, published in the late ‘80s in The Absolute Sound magazine, to which Fremer is returning as Senior Editor. The new website will feature “vintage content” from his TAS column and The Tracking Angle magazine. Following The Beatles’ late-career admonition, Fremer says he is “getting back to where he once belonged.”

Keep an eye on TrackingAngle.com.