Zu Audio’s Union Series Speakers: Simplifying Choice

Zu Audio’s new Union Series Speakers is comprised of three models that replace six models. The result? Simplifying choice.

Hickory Clear with Silver Driver Ring Covers

Zu’s stated goals for the new Union Series, beyond simplifying choice, is to:

  • Raise resolution, transparency and tone across the board
  • Make each speaker unfussy with respect to room placement and associated gear
  • Remove the confusion of having 12 ohms and 16 ohms models in a predominately 8 ohms amplifier mass market
  • Eliminate the traditional Zu setup task of finding the right floor-to-speaker gap for your room

All three models—Union Bookshelf, Union 6, and Union 6 Supreme—share the same Soul 6 full-range driver with center-mounted supertweeters and an amplifier-friendly 99dB sensitivity and 8 Ohm impedance.

The first model coming from the Union Series is the floorstanding Union 6, offered in a number of finish options and a very friendly price starting at $2899/pair(!). The Union Series replaces the Omen Dirty Weekend, Omen 2, Soul Supreme, Omen Bookshelf, Omen Center Channel, and Zu Cube.

Hickory Black Satin (+$100) with Black Driver Ring Cover
Mercury Finish (+$800) with Silver Driver Ring Cover
Black Satin with Silver Driver Ring Covers

The Union 6 will begin shipping next week.

Zu Audio Union 6 Floorstanding Speaker
Price: starts at $2899/pair
Company Website: Zu Audio


Design: High efficiency, high output, 8 ohm impedance, direct radiating, floor-standing loudspeaker. Union 6 features Zu’s full-range ZuCX-ND-8 driver with coaxially mounted Eminence UAPT50-3 tweeter. Driver/cabinet acoustic loading is scatter-plate and ZuGriewe with rear exit. No crossover or filters on full-range driver; tweeter high-pass via a mono-pole network utilizing ClarityCap MR capacitor filters the acoustic contribution of the tweeter to 12k Hz and up.

Included With Loudspeaker:

Hard plastic slip-fit driver covers
1–1/2” [38 mm] adjustable carpet spikes
Stainless steel adjustable hard surface oval-end footers with 9/16” jam nuts (installed)

Input Connection A: ZuB3 via speakON NL8 (parallel with binding posts)
Input Connection B: Posts accepting 1/4” [6.3 mm] and oversized spades, bare wire ≤ #4 AWG [5.1 mm], banana plugs
Internal Cable: Zu Mission Mk. II harness with silver plated connections
W D H: 12 x 12 x 36 inches [30.5 x 30.5 x 91.5 cm]
Footprint: 12 x 12 inches [30.5 x 30.5 cm]
Weight: 60 pounds [27 kg] each
Packaged: 70 pounds [32 kg] 17 x 18 x 41 inches [43 x 46 x 104 cm] each
Bandwidth: 30 – 22k Hz
Efficiency: 99 dB-SPL @ 1W, 1m
Impedance: 8 ohm
Wavefront: Virtual point source
Max SPL Program: 120 dB-Z (slow)
Max Music Input Power: 150 W / 300 W (high-pass at 50 Hz, 12 dB/octave)
Amplifier Power Guidance:

4 – 10 watts for low to moderate SPLs
10 – 100 watts for moderate to very loud SPLs
100 – 500 watts for loud to ear damagingly loud SPLs

L/R Pair Matching: 0.5% on drivers and 0.1% on all other components
Crossover Network: None, and no filter components on the full-range driver
Tweeter Hi-Pass: Single element using ClarityCap MR 1.0 uF limiting acoustic contribution of tweeter to 12k Hz and up
Full-Range Driver: ZuCX-ND-8 (10.3” coaxial paper/CNT cone, under-hung 2” [50.8 mm] coil on paper/Kapton former
Tweeter: Eminence UAPT50-3
Cabinet: North American made composite, skinned with real wood veneer or epoxy
Bottom Insert Thread: 3/8–16 (9/16 hex nut—14 mm wrench can be used but is tight)
Floor/Speaker Gap Requirement: None
Factory Burn-in:150 hours of moderate to very high intensity full bandwidth music—final QC post burn-in
Manufacturers Country Of Origin: USA
Life Expectancy: 100 years, all parts
Warranty & Service: 5 years limited on cabinet and drivers—warranty does not cover misuse, abuse, components upstream from the loudspeaker system, modifications or non-factory service
Production: Summer 2022 » TBD