Album of the Week: Metz | Atlas Vending

Metz is a good old-fashioned trio — guitar & vocals (Alex Edkins), bass (Chris Slorac), and drums (Hayden Menzies) — who play high-energy, raucous punk-derived noise.

Atlas Vending is their latest record, released by Sub Pop Records on October 9, where the boys in the band turn things up to 11 and never look back. Metz hit every gear shift hard with that same kind of manic energy I love from band’s like Idles and Fontaines DC (and Black Flag) while adding a dose of prog-like chops to the mix.

Searing, scorching, searching, Atlas Vending is in no way subtle but sometimes subtlety can be really annoying. So let’s call this mood music for when you’re just not in the mood for subtlety, which is where my head is at more than some days these days.

Rock on, Metz [footnote 1].

I mistyped Metz as Merz nearly every time I tried. I guess I have Kurt Schwitters on the brain.