Album of the Week: Fontaines D.C.

Loose. At times, I like my music loose. As if the music-making is going on now made by a bunch of people right. . .now.

Yea, Fontaines D.C. is a proper band: Grian Chatten (vocals), Conor Deegan III (bass), Conor Curley (guitar), Carlos O’Connell (guitar), and Tom Coll (drums). From Dublin.

I hear a bit of the Mark E. Smith (The Fall) swill just-behind-the-beat drawl in Chatten’s vocals which is more than fine by me. And it comes as no surprise that Fontaines D.C. have opened for another favorite band, IDLES. Genres, by and large, confuse me to no end—they’re either too broad to be of no value or too narrow to be of value.

“The Fontaines D.C. play a kind of post-punk Fontaines D.C. style of music.”

Here’s what I like about their new album Dogrel—the band, a proper band mind you, are in no hurry to impress. They just lay back and play. What with all of the complexity in everything these days, and the apparent (and annoying) need to impress in micro-seconds, listening to music played by a proper band in no particular hurry is. . .refreshing. Yea, refreshing.

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