Twittering Machines News: I’m Back

Michael Lavorgna

During my nearly-a-year hifi hiatus, I worked. The new news is, I’m back to being a full-time audiophile (wink).

While there were some benefits to working with my hands and body, namely getting back into some semblance of shape, hoofing for a living didn’t leave a lot of time or energy for much else.

“Emily Showed Great Strength And Independence From A Young Age Which Brought Her Much Pain And Abuse Throughout Her Life” (2020) Pencil, colored pencil, charcoal, pastel, ink, marker, paint (watercolor, gouache, and acrylic), and wax on paper. 6″ x 8″

During this past year, I focused much of my spare time on making art. Another benefit of not using much of your brain during working hours meant there was zero intrusion on creative flow.

“Ship of Fools” (2020) Mixed media 9″ (w) x 3.5″ (d) x 4″ (h)

Something else I learned was I very much missed the hifi world and writing about it. It turns out that writing tickles a different part of my brain than working on visual work and I crave both. Besides, I can always add in some back-breaking labor if I so desire.

Which is all to say you’ll be seeing more hifi-content here on Twittering Machines once again as today is my first day back as a full-time Twittering Machinist [footnote 1].

  1. There’s more related news coming very soon.