The Finest Audio Show Zurich 2021 Cancelled Due To Corona Pandemic

When I first read the news announcing the dates for the Finest Audio Show Zurich scheduled for January 9 – 10 of 2021, I thought, really?

It should come as no surprise that the fine folks at the HIGH END SOCIETY Service GmbH have decided to cancel the Zurich 2021 show altogether. With corona cases climbing nearly world-wide, it’s the only sensible thing to do if you value human life. Seeing as I live in the US of A, I feel a responsibility to state the obvious for obvious reasons. I take these words from the HIGH END SOCIETY’s press release as a welcome voice of reason in these unreasonable times:

The development of the number of infections in the canton of Zurich, Switzerland and neighbouring European countries shows that the coronavirus crisis is still very much at large. As expected, the colder weather is increasing the risk of infection. At present, nobody can predict how the situation will develop during the winter season and which limitations will influence public life. It is therefore impossible to foresee whether the circumstances will have calmed down enough to allow a trade show to be held without any major problems or concerns next January.

Amen to reason. Wear a mask, social distance, be healthy, be happy. And vote!