RMAF 2018: The ELAC System

If you read my system review of the PS Audio Sprout100 + ELAC Debut 2.0, you know at least 2 things—I like system reviews and I like the ELAC speakers. A lot. What you may not know is I also like Andrew Jones, the man who designs the ELAC speakers, among many others like those from TAD, because he has a wicked sense of humor. This trend continues with the Navis ARB-51 Powered Speakers ($1,998/pair).

The rest of the system included the Alchemy Series DDP-2 pre-amp/DAC/streamer ($2,499), Discovery DS-S101-G Music Server ($1099), ELAC LS-80 Speaker Stands ($399), and the 512 Engineering Maratami Consulting Interconnect ($TBD) [footnote 1]

I can tell you right now, without hesitation, those are the best interconnects I’ve ever heard.

Did you just think—that’s preposterous! How in the world can you speak to the sound of the interconnects in an unfamiliar system / room? I hope you did because that would be ridiculous.

This system made for some lovely, punchy, and powerful music making. I am also a fan of the less is more approach to hifi, so powered speakers make a lot of sense to me.

1. ELAC’s pricing all end with 98 cents which I left off just because.