Sonus Faber Launches The New Exclusive Limited-Edition Il Cremonese Ex3Me

Named after Antonio Stradivari’s most revered Cremonese violin, the New Exclusive Limited-Edition Il Cremonese Ex3Me ($58,000) is limited to 50 pairs.

The Ex3Me (Extreme x3?) are based on the company’s Il Cremonese loudpseaker which is part of the Sonus Faber Reference Line. The Limited-Edition Il Cremonese comes in the company’s classic Red Violin finish while its most significant departure from its namesake is the use of a Beryllium DLC (Diamond Like Carbon) tweeter. The company has gone to some lengths to mitigate Berryllium’s metallic flavor including a treatment called “Chemical Vapor Deposition” a layer of D.L.C. is deposited on the diaphragm surface, turning it black and giving the Beryllium the amorphous nature and the strength of the diamond. As a result, the new diaphragm is increasingly rigid with a nearly unperceivable resonant frequency (above 35 kHz), making it capable of extremely fast sound, very detailed and airy and free of coloration.

The Ex3Me’s 180mm midrange and two 180mm woofers are borrowed from Sonus Faber’s 30th Anniversary Celebration concept speaker model, Ex3ma, while a pair of 220mm Nanocarbon Fiber/Nomex Honeycomb Long Throw Subwoofers hide inside. The cabinet retains Sonus Faber’s 5-sided Romboidal Diamond Design and adds two “Dampshelves” machined from solid billet aluminum forming the top and bottom of the cabinet for increased rigidity and lower cabinet resonance. The re-designed cross-over network has been tweaked to ensure seamless integration of the Beryllium DLC tweeter.

The Ex3Me’s frequency response is a full-range 25 Hz – 35,000 Hz, with a claimed 93dB Sensitivity (@2.83 V @1 m) and a nominal 4 ohm impedance.

The Limited-Edition Il Cremonese Ex3Me are available now.

More information is available from Sonus Faber.