SME Announces 5 New MK2 Series Turntables

That’s right, a quintet.

The SME product range adds the Model 12 MK2, Model 15 MK2, Model 20 MK2, Model 30 MK2 and Synergy MK2.

Every ‘table in the MK2 Series features the highly sophisticated new generation drive system comprising of an AC synchronous motor, independent transformer and speed control unit. The drive system features trickle-down technology perfected for SME’s flagship Model 60 turntable which was then specifically optimized (individually) for each of the new MK2 models.

The new speed controller promises the best possible performance and speed control accuracy.

The MK2’s also come with a new un-regulated DC supply power transformer which drives the main output gain stage and resides in its own case which is machined from solid billet material along with the case for the new speed controller.

The new SME MK2 models replace the corresponding previous models and are available for immediate delivery.

US Distributor’s Website: Bluebird Music