Silent Angel’s New Genesis GX Word Clock: Four Clocks in One

The world of pro audio is no stranger to external word clocks and hifi brands including dCS and Auralic have been offering them for years. China’s Silent Angel has just entered the Word Clock fray with its Genesis GX.

The Silent Angel Genesis GX offers four discrete Work Clock outputs, 2x 25MHz and 2x 10MHz, each with own its TCXO (Temperature Compensation Crystal Oscillator) clock circuits inside a chassis whose inner layer is made from galvanized steel while the outer layer is a thick, high-quality aluminum alloy. A 12V DC power jack bypasses Genesis’ internal switching power module and allows for an external power source like Silent Angel’s own Forrester F1 Linear Power Supply (review).

From Silent Angel:

Compared with “Stand-alone” word clocks, built-in word clocks share system resources (power supplies, etc.) with other components, all interconnected on the same circuit board. There are many situations that will interfere with the clock signal, such as electrical pulses caused by changes in system loading, interference with other electronic components, noise from the network and jitter effects caused by the system. That’s why a stand-alone word clock source is essential: less interference to the clock source ensures the purest clock signal possible.

The Silent Angel Genesis GX Audio-Grade Word Clock is available now for $3699.

Company Website: Silent Angel
US Distributor Website: Specialty Sound & Vision


Available Color Black, Silver
Power Input IEC (AC) 100-240V, 50/60Hz
(DC) 12V/1A (5.5mm x 2.5mm connector)
* If both power sources are all connected, the 12V DC power will be used.
Clock Output Port 25MHz port x 2 (BNC, gold-plated)
10MHz port x 2 (BNC, gold-plated)
Grounding Port Grounding port x 1 (gold-plated)
LED Indicator AC Power LED x 1
DC Power LED x 1
Temperature Operating: 32 ~ 86 °F (0 ~ 30 °C)
Storage: -4 ~ 158 °F (-20 ~ 70 °C)
Humidity Operating: 10% ~ 90% RH (non-condensing)
Storage: 5% ~ 95% RH (non-condensing)
Dimensions 17.29 (W) x 2.49 (H) x 9.95 (D) inch
439 (W) x 63 (H) x 250 (D) mm
Weight 16.31 lbs / 7.4 kg