RMAF Cancelled For Good (update)

Note to self: read everything to the end. I am very sad to learn that RMAF is closing its doors, for good.

From the press release (my emphasis):

This has been a wrenching decision, and along with it comes the added impact of deciding that we are no longer able to envision RMAF as our hearts delight. RMAF was our founder Al Stiefel’s dream, and we’ve done our best to nurture his vision for 12 years, along with help from the Colorado Audio Society and all our volunteers from around the world. Now, we are off to new adventures! And so it is with both sadness and anticipation for the future, we announce that the Rocky Mountain Audio Fest as we have all known it will be no more. It has been our very great pleasure to have served this community of audio professionals. We have learned so much from you! Thank you for 17 years of friendship and support. It has meant more than you can possibly imagine.

I imagine the financial burden of running a show, which entails committing resources and cash outlays to the venue in advance, coupled with the uncertain times we live in due to COVID, has made for a very challenging environment. I am sad that this has caused RMAF to close its doors for good.

I’d like to wish Marjorie Baumert and the rest of the RMAF crew all the best in their future endeavors, and offer a huge Thank You for putting on one of the most enjoyable shows I’ve had the pleasure to attend.