RMAF 2018: the Wrap

RMAF Show Director Marjorie Baumert

Don’t tell anyone but the thing I most look forward to about hifi shows is people. When I woke up in Denver last Friday, the only thing I knew about my show coverage plan was I wanted to do something different. One aspect of that difference is I wanted to have fun.

Ramsay Thurber of RMAF

You’d think it easy to have fun at a show filled with people who are passionate about the things they make, especially seeing as the things they make make music, and I am very happy to report I had a ball at RMAF 2018. Seeing friends, old and new, and sharing in the enjoyment of a hobby whose purpose is the enjoyment of music, at least for me and most of the people I know, fills me with joy (I know, that may sound corny if you’re grumpy).

Me. photo credit: John Darko

RMAF 2018 was another great success. I heard from a number of people that the vibe this year seemed even more upbeat and positive as compared  to years past and I’d have to agree. Attendees seemed to be enjoying themselves, so my ‘sour face’ count was at an all time low.

Bravo! once again to Marjorie and her staff for making October in Denver a place to enjoy people and the things they make to make music.