RMAF 2018: Mo-Fi Does Manger

Manger S1 Active Loudspeakers ($24,995)

Everyone asks. Everyone asks, “So what did you hear…” I’ve covered those rooms that tickled my fancy but saved one I was most excited about for last. I was excited to hear the Manger speakers, now distributed in the US by Mo-Fi (Mobile Fidelity Electroics), because the few times I’ve heard them, only at the Munich High End Show, made me want to cosy up to them in a friendlier room/environment.

Some people were saying that the Manger’s sound was reminiscent of, among other classic speakers, the Quad 57s which can be a contentious claim seeing as people don’t like Quad 57s, they revere them. What I can say about the Manger S1 Active Loudspeakers ($24,995) is they are among the most ear-inspiring things I heard at RMAF 2018 because they don’t sound like other speakers. There is a quality to the manner in which they reproduce music that puts me immediately at ease and into the music. In my experience, that’s a tough trick to pull off. Bravo!