RMAF 2018: Ayre and Vivid

Character can cause conflict. Vivid’s Lawrence Dickey allows function to inform form with an eye for the usual added for good measure. The Vivid KAYA 45 “is designed for everyday spaces, as well as dedicated listening rooms; to be part of the room, not necessarily its principal feature” and when paired with Ayre electronics, all thoughts of conflict slipped away into music., sweet music.

I recently reviewed the new Ayre EX-8 (starts at $5,590) and found it highly-recommended-worthy as is the case with all of the Ayre gear I’ve had the pleasure to live with. The new Ayre CX-8 CD Player (starts at $4,950) sits on top of the rack to which you can add a USB input ($500) and/or an Ethernet input ($700) turning the player into a streamer (if you opt for both USB and Ethernet, the cost is $1,000).

from my interview with Charley just prior to RMAF 2016

On a personal note, I missed seeing the late Charley Hansen, Ayre’s founder, for his wit and wisdom. May he rest in piece.