Album of the Week: Marie Davidson

The music of French Canadian Marie Davidson was new to me when I caught the buzz buzzing around her new album, Working Class Woman released on Ninja Tune last October. Classified by some as INDUSTRIAL / WAVE / ELECTRO, I find humor mixed into the beats and enough drive and energy to run a small city.

Album opener “Your Biggest Fan” imagines a conversation(s) with people who are too nervous to be normal, “What is it about you? / Why are you so strange?”, “I love your music / Wait, do you play in a band?”,  “So, frankly, is this album about taking risks?” Track 2, “Work It”, kicks in the grooves which keep the energy level ramped for the rest of the album. I keep thinking—fresh.

Intrigued as I was with Working Class Woman an exploration of Davidson’s back catalog was in order and it’s worth the trip if you enjoy Working Class. I am particularly fond of Perte d’identité: