PSB Speakers: 50 Years (the Movie)

Fifty years is a long time in human time. In HiFi, its nearly forever.

Paul Barton started PSB Speakers in St Jacob’s, Ontario in the summer of 1972. His background as a musician, Paul’s father built him his first violin, informed his ear while his pursuit of providing a clear view onto the acoustical event informed his process as a self taught acoustics designer. Barton’s association with Canada’s National Research Council (NRC) provided the tools to help realize his goals.

If I were to think of one word to describe PSB , that word would be value. If you look at the company’s products over the course of its 50 years and the press and public’s reaction to them, you’ll see that performance outpaces price.

Paul Barton with the Stratus Gold, deemed the “10,000 Watt Speaker” by audiophile press. Photo Credit: PSB

To help celebrate PSB Speakers 50 Year mark, the company put together a movie, its more than a video, that tells the PSB story. And its a story worth hearing.


Company Website: PSB Speakers