In the Desert: Holo Audio Azure Discrete 8 amp module headphone amplifier

[Editor’s Note: “In the Desert” is just like “In the Barn”, a post featuring gear that’s in for review with pricing, features, and specs, when available, only the person doing the reviewing in the Desert is Darren Henley]

Holo Audio Azure Discrete 8 amp module headphone amplifier ($1,599.00).

“沧” Azure is a preamp/headphone amplifier from HoloAudio.“沧” Azure adopts a fully balanced structure with 4 groups/channels. The left and right channels form a fully balanced structure. Each channel has two independent amplification modules to complete the buffering and amplification functions. There is a total of eight amplifier modules built into the “沧” Azure and they are fully discrete. The design is able to solve the shortcomings of the transistors, so that its tone can exceed the limits of traditional transistors. It also has both the advantages of tubes and transistors. And the use of a large number of transistors makes the linearity of the amplifier superior in every way.The volume control of “沧” Azure is a fully balanced stepping device controlled by a relay. It has a total of 64 steps, and each step is 1 db volume. The advantage is that the noise is minimal and small, and it can be precisely controlled, even at a low volume the left and right channel will not be biased.“沧”Azure has three output modes, low-impedance headphone output mode, high-impedance headphone output mode, and line output mode.


Analog Inputs

Single Ended Input x1

Largest Value 12Vpp
Impedance 3.9Kohm

Balanced Input x1

Largest Value 24Vpp
Impedance 7.8Kohm

Analog Outputs

Single Ended Line Output x1

Largest Value 16Vpp
Impedance 33ohm

Balance Line Output x1

Largest Value 32Vpp
Impedance 66ohm

Headphone Single Ended Output x1

Low Resistance Mode – [email protected] load
High Resistance Mode – [email protected] load

Headphone Balanced Output x1

Low Resistance Mode – [email protected] load
ZHigh Resistance Mode – [email protected] load


Aluminum Remote Control