In Barn for Review: Holo Audio KTE May DAC

Over three years of R&D went into producing the Holo Audio May DAC, which comes in three performance/price levels. The KTE (Kitsune Tuned Edition) version is the flagship.

The Holo Audio KTE May DAC ($4998) includes hand selected modules, KTE exclusive Caps, HoloAudio Caps, DAC Module exclusive cover/shields, Silver wiring, Red Nano Fuse and many more mods/improvements. Comes with remote, DC cable, power cable. The Holo May DAC can be operated in a number of modes — NOS (non oversampling) using a discrete resistor ladder DAC, and three Oversampling Modes which employ the AKM AK4137 D/A converter chip.

The May’s USB and I2S inputs support resolutions up to DSD1024 (native) and PCM 1.536MHz(!). If you’re thinking those limits seem to be overkill because there’s no source material that reaches these heights, you can employ an outboard signal processor like the popular HQPlayer software to upsample to your PCM files to 1.536MHz, for example, before sending to the May.  S/PDIF (2x Coax, 1x Tolink) and AES/EBU inputs are also included. The May DAC offers both single-ended (RCA) and balanced (XLR) outputs. As you can see, the power supply resides in its own separate matching chassis.

Together, the dual-chassis Holo May DAC weighs in at 31 pounds of copper clad heft and I find its glowing looks appealing.

I also have to share that one reason I am so jazzed to have the Holo Audio KTE May DAC in the barn, beyond having enjoyed the HoloAudio Spring DAC LEVEL 3 Kitsune Tuned Edition ($2,649.00) which I reviewed for AudioStream, is my friend and colleague Herb Reichert had some very nice things to say about the KTE May DAC over on Stereophile as did John Atkinson.

KTE May Specifications

1. 100VA DUAL O-type (not Toroid) FLATWIRE (NOT roundwire) 6N Copper custom hand made audio transformers. (All models)
2. All copper wire is replaced with 1.5mm pure occ silver wire. Only KTE model
3. Hand Selected Dac modules to have best measurements compared to averages. Higher dynamic range. Only KTE model.
4. CNC Black/Copper shield DAC Module Covers on each module with laser etched KTE logos. Only KTE model.
5. Replaced IEC inlet connectors with pure silver/rhodium plated faston connectors at the IEC inlet Only KTE model.
6. Fuse is upgraded with world class Red Nano fuse with gold/silver and graphene and quartz filtering materials. Only KTE Model
7. Standard Vishay caps are replaced/upgraded with KTE capacitors***
***unique ONLY to MAY KTE – KTE Caps to replace Vishay on the L1/L2 models (we have done extensive testing and these prove to provide intoxicating voicing and are beyond subtle improvements over L1/L2)
8. Custom made HoloAudio 1000V 1uF caps (replaces standard mundorf evo silver/gold caps)
9. Enhanced USB module with Titanis 2.0 circuit
10. Special Kitsune Tuned Edition branding inside and out (pure copper Kitsune fox emblem on top panel) + remote control / KitsuneHiFi VIP service, english support and manuals/software

Holo Audio May DAC Pricing

Level 1 MAY = $3798.00 + S&H
Level 2 MAY = $4298.00 + S&H
KTE MAY = $4998.00 + S&H

More information is available from Kitsune HiFi.