Gryphon’s EOS 5 Loudspeakers & Diablo 333 Integrated Make Their US Debut at Axpona 2024

While we’ve been hearing about the Gryphon EOS 5 speakers and Diablo 333 integrated amp for a while, Axpona 2024 attendees, like me!, will finally have a change to hear ’em!

The EOS 5, big brother to the Gryphon EOS 2, offers more—more drivers and greater reach with a claimed 20Hz-40kHz frequency response while keeping the EOS 2’s lovely faceted lines and Soul Red Crystal finish in addition to High Gloss Black, Stealth Grey, and “S-Mat Black.”

What’s S-Mat Black?

A next-generation, matte black paint used here for the first time in loudspeaker manufacture, S-Mat Black features a “Self-Healing” chemistry which, in the event of small scratches, can actually be repaired with the help of a piece of parchment baking paper and an iron used at low heat, which encourage the paint to re-flow and regain its normal, unblemished surface.

Self healing + 90dB sensitivity with a 4 Ohm nominal, 2.9 Ohm minimum impedance.

The dual mono Class A-coupled Diablo 333 integrated amp boasts zero global negative feedback and discrete balanced circuitry while offering 333 Watts of output power into 8 Ohms (2x 1100W@2Ω). Optional Phono and/or DAC modules are also available for fuller function.

you’re looking at 112lbs. of amp

The Gryphon EOS 5 will be available later this year for $52,800/pair. The Diablo 333 is shipping now with an MSRP of $24,900 (optional DAC and Phono Modules $TBD).

Here’s the complete press release from Gryphon:

–NEW EOS 5 Speaker and Diablo 333 Integrated Debut–

Schaumberg, IL, 12 April 2024: Gryphon Audio Designs ApS, designer and manufacturer of Ultra-Luxe Audio Systems, announces North American Debut of their new EOS 5 Loudspeaker, today at AXPONA 2024. Never seen or heard in North America, EOS 5 will be demonstrated for the first time at Schaumberg Convention Center, room 1445 along with the highly anticipated Diablo 333, which makes its US Show Debut.

This year, Gryphon will host TWO remarkable rooms: the corner ballroom Schaumburg E will feature a static display of our Flagship System, including the Commander Preamplifier, Ethos CD Digital Player, Apex Mono Amplifiers and the extraordinary KODO Speaker System, all supported by Gryphon StandArt Racks. Room #1445 will feature an active system including Diablo 333 and EOS 5, completely wired with Gryphon cabling; in this way, every product category will be available for evaluation.

Building upon technologies pioneered for Gryphon’s revolutionary EOS 2, the larger EOS 5 boasts Full Frequency Range performance (20-40,000 Hz, +2 dB) and shattering dynamic capability. All four drivers are bespoke to EOS 5: the 6.5” Midrange and dual 9.5” drivers utilizing the TPCD™ (Thin-Ply Carbon Fiber Diaphragm) cone construction and Impulse Optimizer Rings: performance enhancements which first appeared in EOS 2. Engineered to present an easy amplifier load, EOS 5’s 90 dB sensitivity is coupled with a 4 Ohm nominal, 2.9 Ohm minimum impedance.

For EOS 5, Gryphon’s Soul Red Crystal and High Gloss Black finishes are joined by a remarkable new option: “S-Mat Black,” which features a “Self-Healing” chemistry. In the event of small scratches, S-Mat can actually be repaired with a piece of parchment paper and an iron used at low heat, which enable the paint to re-flow and regain its normal, unblemished surface.

Powering EOS 5 will be the Gryphon Diablo 333 integrated amplifier. Diablo 333 is the successor to Gryphon’s wildly successful Diablo 300 which, during its eight-year production run, was considered the best-selling ultra-luxe integrated amplifier of all time as well as The World’s Finest Integrated Amplifier. Over the past eight years, new component technologies and intensive engineering research have suggested areas for improvement. Circuit highlights from our State-of-the-Art Apex and Commander have “Trickled-Down” to the Diablo 333, which boasts ten percent more output power than its legendary predecessor. New ultra-fast, low-capacitance pre-driver transistors deliver both enhanced musicality and superior measured performance.

333’s triangular display panel with 4.3” TFT capacitive touch screen shares its DNA with our Flagship products, as do custom-made chassis spikes which enhance both mechanical integrity and visual harmony. Also developed for Apex, Gryphon’s bespoke binding posts can be found on both the 333’s and EOS 5. Sculpted from a block of aluminum, the remote handset from Commander replaces the “Wand” remote supplied with Diablo 300. A new, more intuitive menu structure enhances the user interface while a USB 2.0 socket on Diablo’s rear panel simplifies firmware upgrades.

As with the Diablo 300, the 333 can be outfitted with optional Phono and/or DAC modules which have been completely redesigned for the new amplifier. The PS-3 RIAA module features Dual Mono Class A-coupled topology from input to output, with zero global negative feedback and discrete balanced circuitry featuring matched transistor arrays. Neutrik XLR balanced input sockets are standard. MC load impedance is set externally with rear panel switches, while MC/MM setting is front-panel selectable via the Diablo 333 menu.

Gryphon’s new DAC-3 D/A MODULE incorporates the latest High-Performance Sabre DAC: the ES9039PRO. Seven user-selectable PCM digital filters are included, as are a full assortment of USB, AES/EBU, BNC and TOSLINK inputs. The 333’s USB input is compatible with all current Digital Audio Formats.

The new EOS 5 will be available later this year with an MSRP of $52,800. Diablo 333 is shipping now with an MSRP of $24,900 (DAC and Phono Modules additional).

About Gryphon
Gryphon Audio Designs ApS, manufacturer of Ultra-Luxe Audio Systems, was founded in 1985 by Flemming E. Rasmussen, whose artistic training resulted in products whose state-of-the-art technical performance are complemented by stunning visual design. Since 2002, Thomas Willum Børsting has been the majority shareholder with Gryphon employees holding the remaining shares. Gryphon is distributed in more than 40 countries worldwide.