Fifteen (random) Thoughts for Thursday

I wonder—do you think about the hifi hobby beyond your hifi? I would imagine the answer is Yes for many/most people reading this, which is a good thing and possibly not such a good thing.

Art Dudley, Herb Reichert, and friend at Herb’s art opening

I have to give credit where it’s due—I received an email from my friend and colleague John Darko asking if I’d read Art Dudley’s “Listening #196” which recently went online on Stereophile‘s website. As it happens I hadn’t but now I have. So you can blame Art (not really) for these scattered thoughts, some having mulled their way to mush in my brain due to lack of oxygen.

Fifteen (random) Thoughts for Thursday

  1. It’s time to stop being surprised by the bass performance of small speakers.
  2. Everything sounds the same if you don’t listen.
  3. There are only two kinds of music. Good and bad. And no one is in a position to dictate those terms to others. Sorry Duke.
  4. When it comes to things that do not hurt others, what people choose to spend their money on is none of anyone’s business.
  5. Many of my closest friends are audiophiles.
  6. My closest friends have many interests.
  7. Talking about things other than hifi in a hifi publication is perfectly reasonable. After all, audiophiles are people too.
  8. One way to grow our hobby is to stop asking each other how we can grow our hobby.
  9. Listening to music is not a test.
  10. Listening to music is not a competition.
  11. The best hifi is the one that’s used most often.
  12. A bad hifi is better than a good weapon.
  13. For a hobby that requires copious amounts of leisure time, you have to wonder why so many people are so angry.
  14. Listlessness is the cause of much of the anger online.
  15. Listening to music on the hifi is a) great fun, b) a luxury, and c) an activity that can be richly rewarding if one’s focus is music.

The opening image is a shot of the KEF LS50 that are in for review. For a small speaker, they offer a surprising amount of bass. Review coming soon.