Herb, Art, and Art

I had never been to Hudson, NY before Saturday when I arrived no worse for wear with time to spare before Herb Reichert’s opening at the John Davis Gallery. Come on in…

The show of Herb’s recent paintings took place at the John Davis Gallery, a lovely multi-floored and multi-building’d space with a courtyard garden in between. Wine was served, friends were seen, and the atmosphere was ripe with goodness.

I paint so as to reach out my hand like a beggar. To show you there is more here than easily meets the eye. I withhold most conventional forms of beauty in order to force you to look past the cascading blacks into that dark region of our shared subliminal awareness. These paintings are not easy to like, but I promise, the deeper you look, the more you will discover. You are not alone.” Herbert Reichert, 2018

Art Dudley (l), Herb, and a friend

I was pleasantly not surprised to find Art Dudley in attendance and we had a chance to chat in the garden about ivy and hifi while we were alone before Art’s lovely family joined us and we turned the conversation to all things gardening.

Untitled (airstream), 2018 Oil and pastel on wood 15 × 24 in; 38.1 × 61 cm

Herb’s art work is intimate in the best American painting tradition. It is at once inviting and strange in the best small town America tradition. If you take the time to look at Herb’s work, that is what it’s there for, you may find yourself being gently maneuvered physically and psychically.

Untitled (T-polls), 2018 Oil and pastel on wood 14 × 14 in; 35.6 × 35.6 cm

The longer you look and the more you let go, you may find yourself floating, flying, and going bump in the night.

Untitled (midwest), 2016 Oil and ink on wood 12 × 18 in; 30.5 × 45.7 cm

If you find yourself in or around Hudson, NY between today and September 9, you want to stop by the John Davis Gallery and spend some time with Herb’s art and by all means let it push you around.

Herb Reichert on His Art (video) 

The walk back to my little room in Hudson seemed to have taken on an interesting light.