Dear Sharp Objects: Please Don’t Go There

Cathy and I have been enjoying HBO’s series Sharp Objects. The acting is top notch, the creepy-level is high, and the suspense, while dragging a bit lately, is suspenseful. A regular whodunit and it’s anyone’s guess after Episode 5 of 8 who done it. I have one simple request for Sharp Objects: please don’t let Camille Preaker, beautifully played by Amy Adams, find out her audiophile stepfather is a creep or heaven forbid, a killer.

Sharp Objects is full of music. Camille loves Led Zeppelin, and rocks herself into an alcohol-induced blackout, one of many, while listening to Zeppelin in her car. Each episode opens with a cartridge hitting the groove, and Alan Crellin, Camille’s stepfather, owns a swank hifi which he uses in every episode (cool). Most times for escape (uh-oh) and sometimes for pleasure (yay!).

Alan’s Rig:

VPI turntable
Ortofon Cartridge
Simaudio 650D CD Player
Simaudio A 430HAD Headphone Amp
Simaudio 810LP Phono Preamp
Simaudio 740P Preamp
Simaudio 880M Monobloc power amps
ULTRASONE Tribute 7 headphones
Dynaudio C4 Platinum speakers

Bret Easton Ellis’  American Psycho was an audiophile

I’m hoping Alan turns out to be a hero and not a creep because the audiophile image is in need of a hero and everyone knows we certainly don’t need another creep.

“Blondy watched this proud, drum-tight personality fidget past him on the street and began projecting; he couldn’t help it: an unfinished degree in journalism, concerned married sisters in New Jersey or Connecticut (but probably New Jersey), weights but no cardio, aggrieved blind dates, Cigar Aficionado and Stereophile, takeout menus, acres of porn.” —from “Lucky Alan,” by Jonathan Lethem; The New Yorker, March 19, 2007
[footnote 1]
Alec from A Clockwork Orange, another legendary audiophile/creep
Dear Sharp Objects:
Please don’t go there. Don’t turn another audiophile into a creep or a killer. Instead, how about we let the love of music save the day. That would be a real surprise ending.

1. I was in the same class at Bennington College as Bret Ellis and Jonathan Lethem. I swear, it’s not my fault.