CAF 2022 Highlights: Fidelity Imports | Diptyque Audio

Panel speakers have a certain je ne sais quoi beyond mere flatness.

I’ve been eyeing France’s’ Diptyque Audio panel speakers for some time so I made it a point to get to the Fidelity Imports room, one of six (!) at CAF 2022 under their rapidly growing umbrella. There are a total of five speakers in the Diptyque Audio line, with the DP 107’s sitting second from the bottom in terms of size and price.

Paired with a stack of electronics from the UK’s Cyrus Audio including the Cyrus Mono X 300 Signature Amplifiers ($3999/pair) that deliver 316 Watts into 6 Ohms and the Cyrus Pre XR preamp ($$5499), an Innuos ZENmini Mk3 CD Ripper/NAS/Streamer (starts at $1599), and Michell TecnoDec Turntable ($1599 without tonearm), I sat and drank in the Diptyque Audio DP 107’s planar goodness ($7999/pair).

Here are my thoughts on the listening experience in detail—panel speakers energize the air in their own unique way, a way that can be very compelling, and I need more time in Barn before I can say anything of real value. But I will share that I can’t wait to do so.

Color me intriguéd (that’s French too).