CAF 2018: Gamut, Pear, and Gaps

“See if you know who this is.” said Gamut‘s US distributor Michael Vamos as he put a record on the Pear Audio Kid Thomas turntable. Miles’y trumpet, ethereal keys, bowed double bass, over-driven harmonica. . .”What is this?” I thought to myself. I don’t know about you but as much music I listen to and have listened to, I still have gaps. Michael filled a few in during my visit to the Audio Skies room at CAF 2018.

Yea, I didn’t know Talk Talk’s Spirit of Eden but I sure do now. You want to get to know it too if you don’t already.

The system responsible for delivering this stunning album in a convincing and mind-melding manner included the Gamut Rs3i speakers ($21,000/pair), Gamut DS 200i amplifier ($12,000), the Pear Audio Kid Thomas turntable ($3,000) with the Pear Blue Cornet 2 Arm ($2,295), Top Wing Blue Dragon Cartridge ($12,500), and the Pear Blue Reference Phono Stage ($4,800) with cables from Gamut.