CAF 2018: Mytek Wants To Sell You A Brooklyn Bridge

The streaming DAC strikes me as a very smart way to approach networked audio. What is a streaming DAC? A DAC with an Ethernet connection which allows you to play music from streaming services and your digital music library. Some streaming DACs, like Mytek’s new Brooklyn Bridge ($3000 give or take a few cents) offer even more.

Plug the Brooklyn Bridge into your network, attach USB storage with your music library, connect to your Tidal or Qobuz account, leash some XLR or RCA interconnects to your amp or preamp, and you are good to go. If you’re a Roon-ie, the Brooklyn Bridge speaks that language as well. MQA, too.

Another cool thing is you can control the Bridge’s analog volume via an app so it doesn’t mess with DSD or MQA.

I’ll be taking a closer look and listen sometime soonish so stay tuned.