Barn News: Welcome to the B-Side

“Why don’t you review big speakers?” a friend asked some time ago. And I thought, Why don’t I review big speakers?

A similar question ran through my mind as I reset the Barn after the BIG system departed, post-review: “Why don’t I have a system set up on the Barn’s other side?”

Soon after I asked, I started moving stuff around and running Ethernet cable to the new B-Side of the Barn, setting it up for listening. I certainly have the gear, and then some, to accommodate two working systems which will allow for all kinds of new review scenarios. Want to quickly try an amp, DAC, or streamer in another system? Done! Want to run-in some gear overnight and leave the A-Side system in tact? Done. Want to compare two systems in a few steps? Done. You can imagine any number of additional scenarios where two systems are better than one.

All to say—Welcome to the Barn’s B-Side. It measures a bit larger than the A-Side at 21′ x 35′ x 12′ so there’s plenty of room to accommodate. . .more.