Axpona 2024 Favorite Rooms: Marten Speakers | Constellation Audio | Jorma Design

I hold fond memories of my time with the Marten Parker Trio and Constellation Inspiration Integrated 1.0, both things I reviewed that also sit on my Favorite Gear Lists.

So it’s sorta no surprise I found their system, wired with cables from Jorma Design, a pleasure to sit in front of and listen to music through. The bigger surprise was how well the smaller Marten Duo standmount speakers filled this room with lovely, physical, full range sound without a hint of room interference sans room treatment. Bravo!

Of course the Constellation gear from their Revelation Series that included the 500W per side Taurus Mono Amplifiers, Pictor Preamp and DC Filter completed this system’s sound front ended by an Aurender N20 and Esoteric K1X SE SACD/CD Player/DAC.

All in think smooth and highly refined.

System Details:

Marten Parker Duo: $13,995/pair
Marten Speaker Stands: $3895/pair
Constellation Taurus Mono Amplifiers: $29,000/pair
Constellation Pictor Preamplifier & DC Filter: $32,500
Esoteric K1X SE SACD/CD Player/DAC: $37,500
Aurender N20 Server: $12,500
Jorma Power Filter Reference: $21,999
Jorma Statement Speaker Cable: starting at $17,999
Jorma Statement Balanced Interconnects: starting at $13,999
Jorma Ethernet Reference Cable: starting at $1899
Jorma USB Reference Cable: starting at $3399
Jorma Statement, Prime, and Origo Power Cords