Axpona 2019: And So It Begins

The Renaissance Schaumburg Hotel & Convention Center in Schaumburg, Illinois is a big place. Axpona 2019 fills up a lot of that space. It’s a big show.

Day 1: Start at the top and work my way down.
End of Day 1 Thoughts: I better pick up the pace.

I suppose it’s inevitable, at least for me, to feel kinda like I’m losing a race that just got started. Silly, right?

One highlight from Day 1 was delivered by Voxativ and their new Absolut Box + Speaker systems. The Absolut Box houses a Class A/B amp, the output of which depends on the speaker it’s mated to, DSP mated to the driver plus enclosure, 24/192-capable DAC, RCA, Toslink (24/96), and WiFi (lossless) inputs, and preamp / sub output.

The Zeth and Hagen speakers were on view and in use and I got to hear both, being sent music from one of two cellphones (iPhone and Android).

Prices (includes speaker cable)

Absolut Zeth System: $12,900
Absolut Hagen System: $7,900

Readers that have been reading what I have to write from ye olde days, may remember I had a thing and fling with single-driver speakers. TM readers know that I’ve a got a thing for simple systems. If we add these two things up, the result is—color me more than intrigued by the Absolut Systems. Expect a Barn visit.

During my stay, both systems put out big, compelling music and the Voxativ guys were kind enough to play “!!!!!!!” from Billie Eilish’s brilliant debut. No, I did not get up and dance but I imagined I did.