Album of the Week: Lesley Mok | The Living Collection

Genre fluid.

The Living Collection is Brooklyn-based drummer and composer Lesley Mok’s debut album and while it’s tagged as jazz, that doesn’t capture the heart of this matter where time and space and silence owe as much of their composition to more classical structures. I suppose its also avant-garde, but I prefer Mok’s words describing these works as a sonic ecosystem.


Lesley Mok: drums/compositions
David Leon: alto saxophone, soprano saxophone, flute, and alto flute
Yuma Uesaka: tenor saxophone, Bb clarinet, Bb contra-bass clarinet
Milena Casado: trumpet & flugelhorn
Kalun Leung: trombone
Elias Stemeseder: piano
Ledah Finck: violin & viola
Aliya Ultan: cello
Florian Herzog: bass
Weston Olencki: electronics

I love when music aimed at the head digs into the body.