Album of the Week: Keto

In time, out of time.

Nottingham-born Leah Sanderson is Keto and she sings, plays (guitar and drums), and is accompanied, albeit minimally, by violin, keys, and more on her debut LP Blackened Pool which sounds as if it was born in ye olden days and remixed by a modern ear.

And what an ear it is. There’s plenty of beauty in each track and there’s more than a passing resemblance to Nick Drake, not so much as direct quote but more of a timeless otherness than speaks to deep reflection.

From Keto:

Recorded in the eerily serene setting of the Outer Hebrides with support from the PRS Foundation, Blackened Pool is a collection of incredibly dark, minimalist songs, with dreamy backdrops. Detuned nylon string guitar and distinctive vocals recorded singularly on one mic form the bedrock of these tracks. Add, then, sparse piano, violin, electric guitars, swirling melodies, textures and percussion then listen as these songs rise and fall between the sublime, where bleakness and enduring hopefulness collide.

Blackened Poolis the kind of record you want more the more you listen. Lovely.

Listen here and click to buy: