Album of the Week: Hatis Noit

I want to show you something

John DeVore sent me this link the other day and I got lost in Hatis Noit for minutes, hours, then days. Try it, I’ll wait. . .

If you enjoy Arvo Pärt, Julianna Barwick, bird song, sounds, rain wind beauty and remembering, you will also enjoy Hatis Noit’s Illogical Dance (Erased Tapes).

From the label:

Hatis Noit’s accomplished range is astonishingly self-taught, inspired by everything she could find from Gagaku — Japanese classical music — and operatic styles, Bulgarian and Gregorian chanting, to avant-garde and pop vocalists.

I am completely on board with all of that, especially Bulgarian seeing as the first track “Angelus Novus” sure sounds like it quotes from Le Mystère des Voix Bulgares within the context of Hatis Noit’s layered vocal onslaught.

Listen here, buy it there: