Album of the Week: Asian Women on the Telephone

I first wrote about, and recommended, Asian Women on the Telephone (AWOTT) back in 2013. Here’s what I said:

Noise. Music. Sometimes I enjoy listening to music that borders on, dips more than a big toe in, noise. Brutal, primitive, emotive, transgressive, pulse-pounding, attitude-ridden sonic mayhem. Going all the way back to Italian Futurist painter and composer Luigi Russolo’s manifesto The Art of Noises from 1913, the sound of industry, noise, has been invading music ever since. The same era brought us the Dada movement with its healthy dose of non-sense which was first and foremost a reaction to the brutality of war which weaved its way into art, music, poetry, theatre, literature and more. Asian Women on the Telephone (AWOTT) strike me as a descendant of both.

From an interview with the band on Electronic Beats:

As a non-Russian speaker I can’t understand what your lyrics mean. What are you singing about, besides animals?

Max: The basement of human consciousness, which is something Nastya’s mama said. “You’re a liar, adult man!” and then, “the walrus, he’s like a man…”

Nikita: “… and man is like stone, which hits you on the head.”

That still works for me. So Wot is the new album from the Russian collective and its musical styles are as schizophrenic as ever, jumping from jazz to noise to song to scream. From the band’s website:

Awott – the Liberator, protects those who recognize it. AWOTT is ether, air, fire, water and earth. All the physical desires are satisfied through it. Knows 64 Rithms, AWOTT gifts joy to the Creator. It is pure transcendental Note and timeless. Universal for any age, shapes, size and hights. Everybody loves and respects

the band appears in costume for their shows

This music “…is like stone, which hits you on the head.” Have a whack at it!


I bought the cassette because Asian Women on the Telephone make nice things as well as music (and the cassette includes the digital download).