Album of the Week: Anna von Hausswolff | All Thoughts Fly

Pipe organist and composer Anna von Hausswolff traveled to the Sacro Bosco (“Sacred Grove”), a park in a wooded valley beneath the castle of Orsini in Bomarzo, Italy, and was so taken with its 16th C grotesques, she went back home to Sweden, sat at the organ in Örgryte New Church in Gothenburg, Sweden and let it rip.

Here’s von Hausswolff:

I’d like to believe Orsini built this monumental park out of grief for his dead wife, and in my “Sacro Bosco” I used this story as a core for my own inspiration: love as a foundation for creation.

If you watched that video, you’ll probably want to skip ahead and buy All Thoughts Fly which was released by Southern Lord Recordings in September. To my ears and heart, this record captures many moods and emotions with its sweeping, epic beauty and magisterial arc.

Here’s Anna again:

Sacro Bosco in Bomarzo is a creation carved out from one man’s head. A frozen thought lasting throughout time and touching people across generations. All thoughts fly, Ogni Pensiero Vola, is about this: the importance of sharing for surviving, creating space and evolving. Once you’ve shared your words they are not only yours anymore.

The organ was recorded with two room mics for atmosphere and two pairs of close mics placed inside the organ to capture nuances and detail for further organ sound processing by Filip Leyman in his studio. 

Buy and share All Thoughts Fly.