McIntosh Labs New MA12000 Hybrid Integrated Amplifier: A Beast In McIntosh Clothing

The new McIntosh Labs MA12000 Hybrid Integrated Amplifier, the company’s most powerful integrated yet, includes their DA2 DAC Module which means all you need to add is speakers and you’re off to the races. OK, maybe a forklift, too.

The 108lb MA12000 offers a total of 17 inputs (10 analog + 7 digital — including MM and MC phono inputs), a 12AX7A-based tube front end feeding a solid state power amp capable of pumping out 350 watts into 2, 4, and 8 ohms, an 8-band tone control, and those movie star McIntosh glowing blue meters. The MA12000’s USB input, which is Roon-Tested, can pass PCM resolutions up to 32bit/384kHz and DSD512.

My best guess these will be flying off the shelves, OK with a forklift, because McIntosh is that rare breed of hifi manufacturers whose brand recognition transcends our enthusiast niche, reaching well out into the public sphere.

The McIntosh Labs MA12000 Hybrid Integrated Amplifier comes with a $14,000 price tag and is available at your local McIntosh dealer beginning this month.

Company Website: McIntosh Labs