Album of the Week: Amyl and the Sniffers | Comfort To Me

What the hell are they feeding musicians in Australia?

Amyl and the Sniffers Comfort To Me is jam packed. With everything — vocals (Amy Taylor), hooks, guitar (Dec Martens), riffs, bass (Fergus Romer), drums (Bryce Wilson), energy, and attitude, lots of attitude, as if the band was told they had this one last chance to record a record. With Bernie Grundman at the desk, mind you.

Punk with Gun Club blues, heavy metal-like speed, Lydia Lunch-like attitude. And words (from opener “Guided By Angels”):

Guided by angels
But they’re not heavenly
They’re on my body
And they guide me
The angels guide me heavenly, heavenly
Energy, good energy and bad energy
I’ve got plenty of energy
It’s my currency
I spend, protect my energy, currency

I traveled and what did I see?
I see I don’t like misery
It passes through my body
I never hold on
To the misery or grief
Angels on my body
And they’re so honest
And they pray for forgiveness
Never give it, I never want it
From the angels guiding heavenly

If you find that last word off-putting, I bet you’re not from NJ or Australia, and my guess is you’ll find lots to twist your sense of propriety on Comfort To Me, which rocks and rages and doesn’t relent for one hot second. Bring it on, loud.