Album of the Week: Adrianne Lenker

Beauty can be elusive, so says Captain Obvious. In music, our mood can swing and sway beauty so much so it becomes a pendulum-like target. At least for me.

Adrianne Lenker’s abysskiss is a beautiful album. I can say that without reservation because I’ve listened to it through any number of moods and it remains—beautiful.

Guitar and voice are two of my favorite things, especially when they’re together. That’s what you get with abysskiss along with words that appear to mold Adrianne Lenker’s voice into twisted, mournful songbird patterns.

I don’t know about you but sometimes my mind needs a fresh breath riding on nothing but guitar. Like a cold, crisp, bluegray wintry day blowing between my ears making everything feel clear. There are times when I need clarity.

Listen here and buy Adrianne Lenker’s abysskiss if the feelings move ya’.