Warren Ellis Beard Balm: For the Bad Seed In All Of Us

Beards, especially long beards, can become unruly. Positively wild. What’s the hirsute to do? Balm, my friend. Balm.

What better spokesperson for the wild unruly beard than Bad Seed, Grinderman, Dirty Three shaman, Warren Ellis.

Exhibit A:

Palm Oil Investigations (POI) eco store has on offer not one but two Warren Ellis Beard Balms:

The Warren Ellis Beard Balm – Gentleman’s Blend. The combination of patchouli, cypress, sandalwood, vetiver & ylang ylang essential oils gives a beautiful earthy, woody scent with a slight touch of fragrant floral sweetness.

The Warren Ellis Beard Balm – Bergamot & Lemon Myrtle. The delightful scent of Bergamot & Lemon Myrtle is fresh and uplifting.

The Warren Ellis beard balm delivers all the right nutrients to your beard and skin while providing a light hold to tame that unruly beard or moustache. The combination of butters, oils and wax will not only condition, strengthen and protect your beard, but will also give it a beautiful shine and provide great styling capabilities. 

The Warren Ellis Beard Balms come in 50g containers and cost $25 + shipping (from Australia).

Available direct from Palm Oil Investigations (POI) eco store.