RMAF 2018: Vinnie Rossi Audio

I saw a lot of hugging in Vinnie Rossi‘s room at RMAF. I get the feeling that most people who own something Vinnie made want to give him a hug. It’s just the way these things go, with Vinnie.

Harbeth Monitor 40.2 40th Anniversary Edition ($17,990/pair)

RMAF 2018 saw the release of Vinnie’s new 1.2 Signature Preamplifier ($starts at $14,995 / $21,985 w/L2 DAC and Phono modules) and the L2 Signature Monoblock Amplifiers ($14,995/pair). Viinie sets his room up for nearfield listening and as may be able to surmise from the above photo, a single-chair sweet spot. Think intimate. We were treated to music from a new label, Muxia Music, started by someone who owns one of Vinnie’s amps (I bet they hugged).

From the label:

Lo Que Dice Mi Cantor honors the great tradition of Cuban Trove with fresh arrangements and passionate performances that speak directly to the heart. The soaring vocal harmonies of Trio Palabras, and notable guests playing the tres, requinto, cavaquinho, classical guitar, acoustic bass, mandolin, laud, and percussion combine to create a profoundly beautiful example of this seldom-heard genre.

The record sounded profoundly beautiful in Vinnie’s room. I wanted to give Vinnie a hug on my way out, but he was busy hugging other people.