Twittering Machines Favorite DACs [update]

Notice I didn’t say “Best DACs.” There’s a big difference between a favorite and a best, as big a difference as there is between night and day.

With a favorite, we are sharing a personal preference. Now some might retort, sloppily, “Well, everyone has opinions, so yours are just another in sea of ’em.” What this attitude misses, purposefully ignores, or outright dismisses is experience.  If you don’t value experience, near a decade’s worth and most of that time was spent reviewing full time, then we don’t have much to talk about. Have a nice day.

If, on the other hand, you feel that experience can lead to an informed opinion, welcome.

The Twittering Machines Favorite DAC list has been around since it was called something else back in my AudioStream days. It’s not a very long list because I’m just one person and I’m a fan of the concise, cream of the crop kinda list, and it has changed over time.

I mention all this because sometimes things can get missed in a menu and I just added two DACs to the list this very morning. It’s fresh!

Twittering Machines Favorite DACs