Twittering Machines Best New Tech in 2020

We’ve already shared our 2020 Product(s) of the Year but if you want to stream, and who doesn’t, you also need some tech.

While streaming is mainstream, getting your music to play through your hifi can be as user friendly as fly fishing with dental floss.

Perhaps contrary to popular belief, I prefer simple. And I’m older. For people just getting started down the road to the desire for better sounding music reproduction, simpler (and cheaper) is better.

Screenshot of my desktop: the HiFi Bargain Bluesound Node 2i supports Tidal Connect

Twittering Machines Best New Tech in 2020: Tidal Connect

Enter Tidal Connect. What’s so cool about Tidal Connect? The tech is buried in hifi hardware so you don’t have to think about it (like Roon). All you need to play music from millions of albums in CD or better quality is a Tidal HiFi subscription ($9.99/month), the Tidal app (free), and a Tidal Connect compatible hifi. The latter can be as simple as a pair of powered speakers and you’re done. Use your phone, tablet, or computer to control playback and all that’s left is play.

To my mind, this is THE perfect way to enter the great big wide and wonderful world of hifi and the beauty of this simple solution is it could very well be the end of your hifi needs. [footnote 1] Unlike Google’s Chromecast which is a connectivity solution and Spotify Connect which is lossy, i.e. lousy for people who care about sound quality, Tidal Connect is a one and done deal — music + connectivity. [footnote 2]

I’ll even go one step further down the what I’d do if wasn’t older road and offer up the Tidal Connect enabled Naim Mu-so 2, or for bigger budgets the KEF LS50 Wireless II speakers, as the perfect all-in-one and done solution. Did I mention you’d have access to millions of albums in CD or better quality as soon as you turn on your new HiFi on?

For those looking for more music outlets, with the Tidal app installed you can also enjoy music from the Tidal HiFi library through your phone with your favorite headphones [footnote 3] and through your smart TV. And if you have a DAC connected to your computer, like the AudioQuest DragonFly Cobalt (see the screenshot of my desktop running the app), the Tidal app will see that too.

Welcome to the world of plug and play millions of albums in CD or better quality.

More on Tidal Connect.

  1. Since I’m a big fan of supporting the people who make music and streaming doesn’t cut it, I would add a turntable down the road so you can buy records which will send more money to your favorite musicians. And records are like little slices of heaven.
  2. I’m not a fan Chromecast as I find the setup process and user experience to be fairly crappy and no one needs or wants another layer of tech in our tech-laden lives. I’m not even going to mention that other connectivity solution that needs to run through your phone. What were they thinking?
  3. The Tidal app includes off-line mode so you can listen to your music without tapping into your data plan.