In Barn for Review: Jadis DA50S Tube Integrated Amplifier

The Jadis DA50S Tube Integrated Amplifier ($9795.00) is a push-pull design using a quad of KT120 Octal Beam Tetrodes and a touch of feedback for 30 Watts of pure Class-A output power.

The Jadis DA50S Tube Integrated Amplifier also weighs 68lbs, when did 68lbs. get so heavy?, in large part due to its relatively massive custom-made transformers. The remainder of the full auto-bias tube compliment consists of 2x 12AX7s and 3x 12AU7s.

The DA50S, which is now the “RC” version for Remote Control, has five line-level RCA inputs, Tape In/Out, and two pairs of speaker binding posts for bi-wiring. The unit comes factory setup for a 4 – 8 Ohm output impedance but owners can opt for 8 – 16 Ohm and 16 Ohm settings through the use of internal jumpers. High purity copper wiring is used in all critical signal paths while a regulated power supply provides smooth and stable juice.

The review unit came with a silver faceplate,  gold is a no-cost option. The rest of the DA50s’ 19″W x 14″D x 13″H body is clad in mirror finish non-magnetic stainless-steel (i.e. fingerprint magnet). A tube cage is provided but I prefer the look of the DA50S without.

The front panel houses a nice retro power switch, a green power LED, volume, balance, and source control knobs, and a Tape / Source toggle switch. The included plastic remote controls volume level and source selection.

I admit to having a thing for Jadis from way back when, Jadis was founded in 1983 by André Calmettes, so I am very pleased to have their DA50S in Barn.

Company Website: Jadis Electronics
US Distributor Website: Bluebird Music