Totaldac’s New d100: Speakers

totaldac fans and followers already know that Vincent Brient makes complete systems — from streamers to DACs to preamps to amps to speakers. The new d100 are a more room- and wallet-friendly affair as compared to the company’s d150-anniversary speaker.

The d100 speakers offer higher than typical sensitivity at 98dB (@ 1m @ 2.83V) and coax a claimed in-room 35Hz-20KHz frequency response from their 2.5 way design. Two 12″ drivers take on bass responsibilities but only one also carries the midrange as well. A ‘non-metal’ horn loaded dome tweeter takes care of the rest.

Make sure to check out the totaldac YouTube channel for and listen into the totaldac auditorium.

the totaldac d150-anniversary speakers and a Magico trick

The first batch of d100s is in production now for delivery in Spring 2021. Pre-orders are available now.

Preliminary Specifications

-98dB @ 1m @ 2.83V even in bass thanks to two 12inch drivers
-2.5way: both 12inch drivers are producing bass but only the top driver is producing midrange as well
-in room response: 35Hz-20KHz
-8ohm average impedance with very smooth variations
-easy matching with any amplifier, even low power triodes
-low directivity
-non-metal dome horn tweeter
-equally resolving from top to bottom
-most of the sound is coming from the top of the speaker, giving it a bookshelf speaker coherency
-all audio related components are from Western Europe manufacturers
-protection grills can be ordered separately
-made in France
-width: 320mm
-depth: 470mm
-height: 1180mm
-weight: 38kg
-13,900euros a pair incl VAT in Europe, 12,800euros excl VAT out of Europe

Company Website: totaldac