Top Ten Rules For Buying a HiFi

Just like the title says. I give you…

Michael Lavorgna’s Top Ten Rules For Buying a HiFi

10. Don’t spend more than you can comfortably afford.

9. Never listen to someone giving you advice if they are angry.

8. If someone tells you you have take a test to buy a hifi, walk away very slowly.

7. Speakers matter most.

6. After speakers, the amplifier matters most.

5. Buy things you like.

4. The only way to know, for certain, if you like a hifi is to listen to music through it, preferably over time.

3. Buying a hifi is an investment in musical enjoyment that begins paying dividends the day you bring it home and use it.

2. A bad hifi is one that’s not used.

1. When it comes to buying a hifi, there are no rules.